618 just bought a ball until now implanted nfc security. . . This fraud more difficult high point of it ....

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User response : Jd self-employed 618 general only 99 with the volume of Beijing beans more than 40 hands. . .
User response : Last time I went to Uniqlo, their labels also used RFID. I said why I didn't see him sweeping the label and the price was
User response: The cost of NFC tags is not high. The key is to see if the information inside can be checked by the manufacturer. I have seen NFC tags in football before.
Users reply: I bought a Samsung mobile phone case with an nfc tag, with the theme of downloading directly, and deleting the theme when the shell is removed. .
User response : I’m doing it, because I’ve done it in the inside. Clearly remember two years ago, the factory provided a batch of basketball. Three or four o'clock in the afternoon. Go to play basketball without any trouble. See how long it will ruin the nfc tag.

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